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This is an online gambling site.When you play for fun, you don't just win and win.

As with a real casino the results are completely random. so I sent them a large amount of real money. (for me it was a lot) I played roulette. In 10 spins it hit red 10X in a row!

As I played black of course. Every cent I had was gone in 2 minutes. The odds of that happening the only 10 spins I played are astronomical! I have no doubt this site is totally crooked.

I checked with my bank, and the money is gone.

Beware of this site...

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This site is NOT crooked at all.I'm a single mom of 1 and one of my co-workers told me about this site years ago.

I've played on this site for years(slots only), back when they accepted Mastercard and many other payment options. The only reason why I've stopped playing on their site was because of the new laws in the U.S. preventing me from using my credit cards/bank cards to load money to my account. My one Mastercard debit card still worked for about 2 years after, but now they no longer accept Mastercard.

I have been paid out by Superslots on several occasions. Their checks come from Canada and I can assure you that they DO cash out. I have been paid out $1200, $800, and $300. I just played this week because they sent me a birthday bonus of $100,000 points which equals $100.

When asked how much I had to wager to get paid out, the rep told me that I had already wagered enough to be paid out and my current balance was at $470.

Just like with any casino, if you don't want to lose, don't bet. If you see a game isn't paying out after so many hands, try a different game. You can walk into ANY casino in NJ, PA, NV and lose $1000's in minutes.

Don't blame the casino because you didn't know when to stop.8)

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